Assured Comfort Beds Return and cancellation


Returns will be handled on a case by case basis and may incur additional shipping costs and restocking fees.

Assured Comfort® Beds, Inc. manufactures each bed as it is ordered. We ensure that the bed we ship correctly matches the Customer’s sales order. Each bed is carefully packed to reduce the chance of any damage during shipping. It is highly recommended that the bed is returned to us in its original, palleted condition.

Prior to ordering a bed, we encourage the bed recipient to carefully review the sales order with the Company or their DME provider to insure accuracy. If you have any questions, please call us toll free at (866) 852-2337.

Once a bed has been ordered, manufactured and shipped, it can only be returned for the following reasons:

In the event a bed is damaged during shipping:

1. Please record any damage on the receiving slip and immediately call us at (866)- 852-2337 before the delivery driver leaves. We may ask you to refuse the entire shipment, depending on the extent of the damage.
2. We will promptly ship new parts to replace the damaged parts. If the bed is a total loss, we will expedite the shipment of a new bed to replace it.
3. We are not responsible for damages once you have signed to receive your bed.

In the event Assured Comfort® Beds, Inc. ships a bed that does not agree with the sales order confirmation:

1. We will quickly ship the correct bed and arrange to have the incorrect bed shipped back to us at our expense.
2. Please check the packing slip before unpacking the pallet. Match the packing slip to your sales order. Carefully check for damaged packages.

In the event an Assured Comfort® Bed needs a replacement part.

1. If a part becomes damaged or defective, we will ship you the replacement. If covered by warranty, there will be no charge. If not covered by warranty, a quote will be issued for the cost of shipment.
2. If we need to request the return of a part, for quality analysis, etc., we will send a pre-paid shipping label for its return, along with the replacement part, or we will email the shipping label for you to return the part to us.
3. We do not issue a “Return Authorization” tag for parts that have failed or have become obsolete. The parts should be removed from the Customer’s premises and disposed of properly.


1. It is the Customer's responsibility to check the order form and confirm that all products and shipping address details are correct.
2. Once a Customer submits a sales order and it is accepted by Assured Comfort® Beds, Inc., the order can be cancelled, or changed, within 48 hours without incurring additional charges.
3. If the Customer cancels the sales order after 48 hours charges may incur.
4. If the Customer cancels the sales order after the Assured Comfort® Bed is in the process of being shipped, the Customer must pay shipment charges to and from the destination, and a 10% (of the sales order total) restocking fee.
5. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure accessibility for bed delivery.
6. Any bed that cannot be delivered because of problems involving access, cannot be returned.


1. Should we fail to complete a delivery for any reason before the agreed delivery date, we will attempt to notify the Customer at the earliest opportunity to agree on a solution.
2. Should any delivery fail due to inability to access the delivery property, or another matter for which the Customer is responsible, a charge may be incurred.
3. If it appears that an item has not been delivered, the Customer should notify us within 24 hours.


1. Assured Comfort® Bed, LLC's entire liability to the Customer under these Terms and Conditions of Sale will not exceed the price paid for the goods and any other charges relating solely to those goods.
2. Assured Comfort® Bed, LLC is not liable for any loss of revenue, profit, savings, goodwill, business opportunity, injury to reputation or for any other losses to the Customer that are not reasonably foreseeable by the Company when the order is accepted. No liability will be accepted under the contract with Assured Comfort® Bed, LLC for any losses incurred by any associates, clients, partners, companies or any other person or legal entity related to the Customer except where specifically agreed otherwise in writing in advance.


1. By placing an order, the person doing so confirms that he or she is authorized to do so on behalf of the named person, company or other legal entity that is provided as the Customer.

1. Customers are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions of Sale either by explicit acceptance or by continuing to engage in business with the Company after being given a reasonable opportunity to read them.
2. Invoices and quotations and various other documents refer to these Terms and Condition of Sale. Placing such an order or receiving such a document is deemed to provide notice of these terms.


1. This document constitutes the entire, complete, and exclusive agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and contains all the agreements and conditions of sale; no course of dealing or usage of the trade shall be applicable unless expressly incorporated herein.

2. The terms and conditions contained herein may not be added to, modified, superseded or otherwise altered except by a written modification signed by one of the Seller’s Managers. All transactions shall be governed solely by the terms and conditions contained herein.